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Earning a college degree or certification degree from a respected and accredited college or university is a smart move in today's business environment. Your college certificate or degree gives you an advantage over those who spend many years "working their way up." Take a look at the want ads in a major newspaper: the best-paying jobs with the best companies require a degree or certificate.

Our pages provide up-to-date career information as well as trends in job outlook, expected economic growth, and working conditions for many careers. The best-paying jobs with the best companies require a college degree or certificate. Our college reviews show you which fully accredited colleges prepare you for those careers.

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Students who want to receive a strong education, but don't want to devote time to studying extraneous coursework often enroll in career colleges or vocational schools. Usually lasting about two years, these types of trade schools train students in very specific disciplines, such as automotive engineering, the culinary arts, allied health, or cosmetology. All of the coursework is relevant to the respective fields, and students can get started on their careers that much sooner.

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Stress Reduction for Students …Think of Seven Things

It seems fairly common for a student to go through stressful transitions much more often than do their parents and family members. Change is a part of school life: just when you get one teacher / class figured out, the next quarter or semester is on its way. Or just when you are comfortable with a group of friends, one moves away, ends a relationship, or makes some kind of change that affects the group dynamics. Whatever the reason, basic survival tools are essential when everything seems to be going wrong.

For a lot of people, this “break in the universe” seems to bring up anxiety so that other issues arise. Ever notice that people run a stop sign when they are intensely worrying about someone else’s problems? Or that a cell phone is dropped shortly after some other negative event? Maybe the Jedi Knights were right when they spoke of “The Force” being disturbed.

Whatever is going on to disrupt your comfort level and create anxiety, perhaps a test you have not prepared for, or a class presentation, there is one valuable tool that seems to erase all that negativity and replace it “with positive energy”. Stress reduction can be very simple. Stop. Breathe deeply. Then write down or at least think of seven things you do well. They do not need to relate to what is going on. You might write down things are easy to remember:

1. I have a great smile
2. I brush my teeth three times a day
3. I was great playing the Tin Man in our 4th-grade play, “The Wizard of Oz”
4. I completed all assignments on time last week
5. My spaghetti sauce is outstanding
6. I was on time for every class today
7. I kept to my budget last month.

Try it. Don’t take yourself too seriously. No sarcasm; everything you think of must really be positive. The simpler the items are, the quicker your mood will improve. Me? I’m good at laughing at “the wrong place” in a dramatic movie. The looks of the people in front of me always keep me laughing ... (click here for more articles on stress reduction).

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